Petra….my first instructor and I sincerely appreciated your thoroughness, knowledge of equipment and safety, ability to teach and connect with various personality types and your professionalism. Since taking lessons from you, I’ve had two other instructors and although I made progress and eventually became IKO certified, they were not half as qualified or knowledgeable as you. I’ve actually needed to use some of the self-rescue techniques you taught during our windless days in 2012 and had I not learned from you, who knows where I’d be today. Since so many students are so anxious to get up and ride and instructors are so motivated by cranking out students, self-rescue techniques are explained, but not practiced in lessons; let’s face it – they’re not fun. Thank you for teaching your students all skills necessary to be safe, aware and confident kiters. You are an OUTSTANDING instructor, Petra. I am so grateful to have learned so much about kiteboarding from you.

Margie Tuttle