I enthusiastically give Joel and Petra the highest possible rating for Kiteboard/Kitesurfing instruction. 1st of all, they have decades of experience Kiteboarding / Windsurfing.  When you work with them, you are working with some of the most experienced instructors around.  I have worked with ‘kids’ that call themselves instructors, and they have zero idea how to teach the sport, I always go back to Joel and Petra Through multiple lessons over the course of a season.  I have progressed from:

  • Never riding a board / flying a kite à
  • Riding upwind both directions / Transitions / Surfboard with no straps / Riding ocean side with waves / Toe-side upwind expertise / Down-winders / Back rolls / Down Loops / Little Jumps / Big Jumps that I land / etc.

They completely tailor their instruction on the level and capabilities of the student.  Beginning to advanced students will feel they are progressing as fast as they are capable. (Students will be given 100% attention.  Students will also never feel rushed or pushed too fast) Joel and Petra are also excellent at teaching the ‘correct way’ to Kiteboard.  This is critical for continuing to progress, as well as for Safety. Safety: I feel that I am in complete control of the situation at all times, no anxiety (kite setup / kite launch / self-launch / self-launch in water / landing a kite / self-rescue / emergency release / lines get wrapped / etc.)   Kiteboard Skills: I feel that my ‘form’ is excellent, especially compared to the folks that haven’t worked with Joel and Petra (riding position / weight distribution / light wind riding with a smaller kite / seamless transitions / big jumps where you land perfectly / going upwind toe-side / being equally proficient going right or left / total kite control). Another key compliment I would like to pay Joel and Petra’s is their ability to immediately see what you are doing wrong.  They also provide simple steps / visuals to help correct the issue.  I have been extremely frustrated with an area of my Kiteboarding at times. They will immediately identify the issue, explain to me with simple visuals, and have me working on exercises to correct by the end of my session! (I call them the ‘Kite Whisperers’ and they deserve it.) – Craig York, Dallas, TX