Over my kiteboarding career of now ten-plus years, I have had the pleasure of interacting with many kiteboarding outfits and instructors, but none as well run as H20 and as talented & nurturing as Petra. Having taught technically demanding water sports in the past as a springboard diving coach, I understand the importance of trust in the student-teacher relationship, and the importance of student safety while learning. I whole-heartedly recommend H20 and Petra! She has not only instructed my wife, but my two teenage daughters as well. All the lessons were efficiently taught and time-honored techniques used to advance skills in a safe and progressive way. In fact, come to think about it, I have never seen either of my daughters inadvertently depart the wind window with their kite, and their flying skills now rival (or even exceed!) some of my expert kiteboarding buddies! Obviously, Petra is fantastic with women and understands their unique perspective, but she is so personable & calm that she’d be good at instructing kiteboarding to just about anyone.

Doug, Lindsay, Piper (& wife Wendy)

Bend, OR