My wife and I have windsurfed for over 25 years and have hesitated to try kiteboarding because of the stories of accidents we have heard.  We made it very clear that safety was our first priority, and that if we did not get up on the board that was fine with us. Petra took us through a steady progression of instruction on kiteboarding which always challenged us and increased our self confidence as our skills advanced. Starting with basic theory on the wind envelope we progressed through kite set up, launching, landing, kite control, two handed steering, upwind body drags (with and without board) and self rescue. She provided instruction to us on assisting each other during launching and landing. After 8 hours of instruction we can rig, launch, ride upwind and return to shore. Absolutely the most patient, skilled and thorough instructor we have ever had in any sport!

We were tending to move too quickly on some gear, Petra advised us not to over reach and buy more until we had progressed further. Very honest and professional people! We highly recommend Petra / Joel if you are considering learning this sport, safely. Do NOT be seduced by promises from others that you will “be up on the board” in 4 hours or any given time! Everyone learns at their own pace and a good instructor will match your ability with a safe pace of instruction. Last thing you want is to be trolling like bait behind a kite on a downwind reach with no clue on how to get out of it, much less why it is happening. You want to be able to rig safely, launch from land and return near where you started. If (when) things go wrong, knowledge of self rescue techniques is a must! Take it slow, be thorough with Petra’s progression and you will advance further, safely!!

Ken W.

Sedalia, CO