Windsurfing Lessons

on South Padre Island


Gliding effortlessly over the water is probably one of the most amazing feelings you can ever have. Modern equipment has made windsurfing available for everyone. Boards are stabler and sails are lighter. H2O Sports has chosen South Padre Island because of its great year round sailing conditions and the shallow waters of the Laguna Madre..

All lessons start on land on a simulator. This allows us to break down a move in detail and repeat it often. From there we will take you onto the water. You will be taught reliable techniques that are always demoed first. As with all lessons at H2O Sports we focus on safety and building confidence.

With over 25 years of time tested methods we can ensure you that you will get the maximum enjoyment from your lesson, and keep you motivated for more.

Windsurfing Lessons

Beginner to Advanced



Groups of 2

$45/hr ea

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